Laboratory Maintenance and Cleaning

Laboratories are environments propelled by meticulousness and accuracy for precise results. In order for experiments to be viable and conclusive, free from unwanted variables such as contamination, regular cleaning and maintenance of both the laboratory itself, as well as the equipment used in it, needs to be a prominent part of laboratory practices. Standard Equipment Read More

Quality Control for Food and Beverage Industries

Usually, trips to the grocery store are done in a kind of ‘autopilot’ mode. We get to the grocery store with a list of things that we need, we find those items and then go home to consume them. What we are rarely mindful of, is the process that goes into the production of those Read More

The Importance of Strict Control in Chemical Handling

Any business that works with chemicals (whether producing them or using them as part of their daily processes) faces a number of unique dangers on a daily basis. Chemical substances pose a risk of danger to personnel, equipment, the facility itself and even the environment, which puts the onus on business owners to enact strict Read More

The Need for Control in Research

Research and development is the staple of human progress, and through the scientific method of creating reproducible, predictable and quantifiable results is the primary way that it is conducted. Of course, research is never a straightforward process. With so many variables, anomalies and unknowns to account for, coupled with the implications of using incomplete or Read More

Why Your Business Could Benefit From a Calibration Laboratory

Businesses that handle data as a central part of their processes understand the need for accuracy. Even the slightest variables can result in inconsistencies in resulting data, and in severe cases, can render captured information useless, since there is no way of measuring how closely it reflects reality. Because of this, whenever new equipment, or Read More

Atago Electrical Conductivity Method: Acidity and Brix-Acidity Meters

Come visit MCL at analytica Lab Africa 2019!

The international trade fair analytica Lab Africa focuses on innovative and applied product and system solutions for laboratories in the industrial, research and science sectors. As the industry’s regional forum for Southern Africa, analytica Lab Africa combines global and local market leaders and innovations with country specific main themes, precisely tailored to the market.  Reasons Read More

NEW CTX Texture Analyzer

A hero in our mist, Victor Vermeulen!

Victor Vermeulen had it all! From a very early age, he’d excelled at both academics and sports and boasted an expansive list of bursaries and awards. He could have represented his country at any number of sports but his first love was always cricket. At 19 he’d already played with a young South African team Read More


With its wide measurement range ( Brix 0.0 to 53.0% ) the PAL-1 works perfectly in measuring almost any fruit juice, food, or drink, such as soup, sauce, ketchup, tomato sauce, low-sugar jam, or marmalade.

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Acid biology chemicals - Monitoring And Control Laboratories

Working Safely with Industrial Chemicals

Monitoring and control laboratories | dangerous chemicals logo

Working with industrial chemicals can be extremely hazardous, especially when approached with a lack of knowledge and experience. In such environments, even the smallest mishaps can have the direst of consequences, most of which are completely avoidable. Ensuring that your workplace works with these hazards in mind, and is adequately prepared for them, will help Read More