Chemistry Infographic Set - Monitoring and Control Laboratories

The world of organic beauty can be a bit overwhelming to enter into, which is why we’re giving you a hand by breaking down the top offenders on cosmetic ingredient lists! Below, we have a look at petrochemicals, which is a set of ingredient used in almost all skincare products found in department stores and Read More

The Importance of Materials Testing

Laboratories - Monitoring and Control Laboratories

When materials testing and characterization is carried out, it allows us to understand the fundamental properties of a certain material when it is subjected to service and environmental loading and operating conditions. Materials testing is what helps us to quantify and understand whether a specific material is suitable to a certain application. Materials that have Read More

Importance of Advanced Science Laboratory Equipment in Schools

Cross Beater - Monitoring & Control Laboratories

It is extremely important for schools to have the latest and great quality science lab supplies these days. Science differs quite a bit from other subjects and in order to understand it’s concepts, you will need to look beyond the books and the conventional classroom teaching. Effective learning and teaching of science involves handling, seeing Read More

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