Now available: the next generation of overhead stirrers from IKA

With their pioneering technology and innovative functional design, the new overhead stirrers from global market leader IKA improve performance and make laboratory work even safer. Removable display interface for improved safety.

These stirrers feature a detachable impeller, digital display interface and the option to monitor the flow properties and other parameters using labworldsoft® software. Irrespective of the viscosity and application, these stirrers can process quantities ranging from milliliters up to 200 liters.


  • ETS-D5
  • H 16 V Support rod
  • H 38 Holding rod
  • H 44 Boss head clamp
Features include:

– Fixed safety circuit

Shuts off heater if temperature rises above 550 °C
– Hot top indicator
Light flashes to warn user that the surface is hot to the touch
– Digital display
Allows for accurate and repeatable temperature settings
– Powerful motor
Stirs viscous materials with a maximum volume of 10 l (H2O)
– Strong magnet
High magnetic adhesion prevents stir bar decoupling
– Microprocessor control
Sends feedback to the motor and hotplate to maintain constant speed and set temperature
– Ceramic top
Seamless one-piece glass-ceramic top provides excellent resistance to chemicals
– Temperature controller
Connection for contact thermometer enables precise temperature control of the medium
– Elevated control panel
Minimizes contact with spills and allows for easy reading and adjustment of controls.
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T25 Digital Ultra-Turrax

IKA crushing instrument used for high-performance dispersing for volumes from 1 – 2.000 ml (H2O).
The spectrum of applications ranges from homogenizing waste water samples to the use in laboratory reactors, to dispersion tasks under vacuum / pressure and sample preparation in medical diagnostics.

Features include:

  • Three types of shaft bearings
  • Standard version with digital display and a connection for a revolution counter
  • Rotor-Stator configurations have thirty years of proven, guaranteed comparability of test results
  • Wide range of dispersing elements (not included with delivery).
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HS 260 Basic Shaker

Compact, flat shaker with optimal swivel motion, for a maximum shaking weight of 7,5 kg.

  • Electronic adjustment of speed and timer
  • LED display for speed and time adjustment
  • Wide range of attachment combinations allows for using almost all shapes and sizes of vessels
  • Attachments are not included in delivery, please order separately.
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