Climate Chambers With Illumination

The BINDER KBW series climate chamber with illumination achieves homogeneous light distribution and ensures consistent temperature conditions with its natural illumination.


  • Homogeneous light distribution
  • Natural growth conditions
  • Temperature & light in one unit

  Material Test Chambers

A material test chamber from BINDER specializes in demanding heating profiles and shows its unique advantages all the more when handling complex tasks.

All BINDER material test chambers are extremely precise and have a wide temperature range and comprehensive programming options, including customized ramps, profiles and processes.

With the FP and M series, BINDER offers you material test chambers with mechanical convection and individual programming for all material testing and aging testing tasks.


  • Specialists for demanding heating profiles
  • Adjustable high air change rate
  • ‘Made in Germany’ quality

  Constant Climate Chambers

A constant climate chamber from BINDER in any implementation is a one-stop solution to easily and reliably manage your stability test or stress test.

The BINDER constant climate chambers of the KBF P series are ideal for non-compliant work according to ICH guidelines and work independent of water supply. Their special feature: climate and light tests can be performed at the same time in one chamber.

With the KMF, BINDER constant climate chambers offers you a broad temperature and humidity range – created for demanding stress testing.


  • Safe work with one-of-a-kind safety concept
  • fast, condensation-free drying processes
  • Homogeneous sample drying in a vacuum
  • also available as a complete system

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  Vacuum Drying Oven

Vacuum drying ovens from BINDER dry samples completely without residues, scaling or oxidation, everything in overdrive – and everything in overdrive.

Thanks to the patented APT.line™ preheating chamber technology, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the electropolished inner chamber and the corrosion-resistant expansion shelf carrier made of stainless steel in the vacuum drying oven. This ensures even, gentle drying.

The vacuum drying ovens of the VDL series with patented flame protection gasket, overpressure encapsulated instrument panel and controlled heating provide additional protection when working with flammable solvents.


  • Long-term stabile test conditions
  • Independent of the water supply
  • One-stop solution; Temperature/humidity/light simulation in one chamber

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  Incubators and Cooled Incubators

An incubator or cooled incubator from BINDER is the persuasive solution for stable incubation processes. They stand for optimal incubation of microbiological cultures and for reproducible results in every routine test in the laboratory – even under high batch throughputs in long-term operation.
BINDER incubators and cooled incubators work reliably in a range of -5 °C to 100 °C and are characterized by their high temperature precision thanks to the patented BINDER APT.line™ preheating chamber technology.


  • Safe and reproducible incubation
  • Disinfection routine at 100deg C
  • Broad range of products and applications

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   Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Safety begins where reliability stops: The ULTRA.GUARD ultra low temperature freezer of the UF V series from BINDER ensures safe long-term storage of samples at -86 °C. It also has personalized access control via RFID: This ensures that only laboratory employees accredited by the laboratory manager can open the ultra low temperature freezer.


  • Guard Control opens the freezer by pressing a button
  • RFID technology personalizes access and records user traffic
  • Data Logger with USB connection
  • Provides 24/7/365 exchange service, and an extended 4 year guarantee

FD SERIES: Drying Ovens With Mechanical (Forced) Convection

A BINDER FD series drying oven is always used when fast drying and sterilization is required. Thanks to its fully homogeneous temperature distribution, quick dynamics and powerful fan, it saves valuable time.

Advantages include:

  • Fast, even tempering
  • Wide temperature ranges

Standard CO2 Incubator

The C series BINDER CO2 incubator is the fitting partner for routine applications for cell cultivation: contamination-free due to hot-air sterilization at 180 °C, reliable pH-stable thanks to the drift-free FPI infrared measuring system, high temperature precision with excellent dynamic and no risk of condensation even in high humidity.


Monitoring and Control Laboratories