Calibration Laboratories


For measurement data to be reliable, measurements must be accurate & precise.

Unless the measurement data is reliable, decisions based on such data cannot be reliable either & consequently, this can affect the output quality from a Company.

Why Calibrate?

Calibration allows you to determine accuracy & reliability of the Measuring Unit and therefore of the measured data
Calibration reveals hidden or underlying problems/faults with the Measuring unit that could have resulted in a costly repair or replacement.
It provides measurement traceability.



  • When it is a new instrument supplied without any Certification
  • When a unit has been repaired or modified or otherwise adjusted
  • When measurements are suspected to be inaccurate
  • When unit has been dropped or otherwise damaged
  • Periodic, scheduled recalibration.

Monitoring & Control Laboratories has been providing Professional Calibration Services for the past 7 years.  We run SANAS Accredited (ISO 17025 compliant) Calibration Laboratories for Temperature & Viscosity Calibrations at both our Head Office in Johannesburg and KZN.  



We calibrate:

  • Liquid-In-Glass

o   Digital

o   Min/Max

o   Maximum Thermometers

o   Dataloggers, etc.

  • Turnaround Time: depending on quantity, approximately 2-5 days, to be confirmed.
  • We use Precision Reference Equipment for low uncertainty budgets.
  • Fixed Calibration rate based on number of points calibrated – price includes Sanas Calibration Certificate
  • Huge discounts for high volume units sent per customer.



  • We calibrate all types of Rotational Viscometers.
  • We calibrate to your specific requirements, alternatively we calibrate to Standard Calibration Procedures that covers a basic measurement range – call us for more in depth discussion on your requirements and how we are able to meet this!
  • Fixed Calibration rate that includes Labour and SANAS Calibration Certificate.
  • Turnaround time:

o   5 days or less, dependent on state of Viscometer.

o   1-day for urgent demands or Productions that go on standby without the unit, without charging extra for these emergency services.


***Being the Ametek Brookfield Sole Agent, we provide a further step with Ametek Brookfield Viscometers, in that we repair signs of wear and tear, realign and service internal electronics and then adjust Viscometer during calibration to eliminate/reduce large errors, the end result restoring Viscometer to Manufacturer Specifications.***



We set up Re-calibration Programs and will contact you ahead of expiry date on certificate.   Speak to our friendly, dedicated staff should you wish to be added to this program.


Our SANAS Calibration Certificate issued provides local & international recognition that we have met and continue to meet the requirements of ISO 17025 as proven through independent third party assessment by SANAS.



We have fully equipped Calibration Laboratories in Johannesburg and KZN or contact our Cape Town branch who will assist you to send your unit to our nearest Calibration Centre.

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Monitoring & Control Laboratories – Cape Town
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