Some General Laboratory Safety Rules

Monitoring & Control Laboratories

Below are some rules that you will have to adhere to in almost every laboratory and they should be included in most of your safety policies. These rules cover what you should know in case of an emergency. They are proper signage, safety using lab equipment, and basic common-sense rules. Be sure to read all Read More

Which services are offered by Monitoring and Control Laboratories?

Monitoring & Control Laboratories

Our company supplies high quality laboratory and scientific equipment, chemicals, allied products to the Industrial, Chemical, Research, Educational, Food and Beverage, Agricultural, Environmental, water, Mining, Materials Testing, Medical and Pharmaceutical industries of South Africa. We pride ourselves in our excellent after sales service, strong product knowledge and dependability. Our three sales branches are in Gauteng, Read More

Deciding on a company who supplies laboratory and scientific equipment

Monitoring & Control Laboratories

We talk about all you need to know based around laboratory equipment. What the importance is of using the proper equipment, why it’s essential to know how to use the equipment properly and we discuss lab safety. What is the importance of using the proper equipment in a laboratory? Lab equipment can be dangerous to Read More

All about Blood & Pathology Tests

Many people get squeamish when it comes to blood and pathology tests. However, they are an extremely important part of diagnosing, detecting and treating diseases. In fact, if you are sick, most of the decisions made about your health care will come down to these tests being done. Pathology is the study of disease and Read More

The importance of material testing

Material Testing South Africa

Imagine trying to create a new kind of light bulb only instead of using glass you would like to use plastic. After some time the heat from the light will start to melt away the plastic and with just the right amount of watts running through the bulb it might start a fire. However, the Read More

What are Petrochemicals and What is it Used For

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Petrochemicals, sometimes referred to petroleum distillates can be placed into 2 popular classes, olefins and aromatics. Petrochemicals are used to produce a large number of different products, from facial and other beauty products to large wind turbines, clearly playing a vital role in the economy. A Few Important Petrochemicals   Naphtha, classed under aromatic petrochemicals, Read More

Laboratory Equipment Care Guide

Monitoring & Control Laboratories

Cleaning your Equipment Lab equipment must be cleaned thoroughly and regularly to ensure that they contain no contaminants. Calibration and Maintenance Equipment needs to be calibrated regularly as part of routine maintenance in order for it to perform accurately. Failing to do so will result in unreliable data from your tests. Repairs and Refurbishment Lab Read More

Base Safety Tips for the Petrochemical Industry

Monitoring & Control Laboratories

Petrolium, while being the lifeblood of modern life, is also a fairly risky substance to produce. It is also quite heavily regulated, which makes it important for those involved in the petrochemical industry to stay on top of refined production techniques. A lot of this has to do with safety during production, the rest is Read More

Laboratory Equipment Care Guide

Monitoring and Control Laboratories

Laboratory equipment is sensitive by its very nature, and as such, extreme care needs to be taken care of all of it if it is expected to perform properly and accurately, while lasting you longer. General lab equipment can be expensive, especially if they need constant replacing, which is why these tips on how to Read More

Laboratory Maintenance and Cleaning

Laboratories are environments propelled by meticulousness and accuracy for precise results. In order for experiments to be viable and conclusive, free from unwanted variables such as contamination, regular cleaning and maintenance of both the laboratory itself, as well as the equipment used in it, needs to be a prominent part of laboratory practices. Standard Equipment Read More