Some Interesting Facts about Medical Laboratory Scientists

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Medical laboratory scientists are professionals who do many different types of tests in medical laboratories. The purpose of a laboratory scientist is to assist the doctors in finding the diagnosis of a patient’s condition by carrying out certain tests and evaluating samples. This kind of job requires a very high level of dedication, as working Read More

The A-Z of DNA Analysis

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As the building blocks of all life, there is a lot that can be discovered when DNA is carefully analysed. Our genetic code falls at the centre of many forensic activities, and it is because of the reliability held by genetics that we can consider the information it gives us to be accurate and beneficial. Read More

All about Blood & Pathology Tests

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Many people get squeamish when it comes to blood and pathology tests. However, they are an extremely important part of diagnosing, detecting and treating diseases. In fact, if you are sick, most of the decisions made about your health care will come down to these tests being done. Pathology is the study of disease and Read More

Life’s Fluid Cornerstone: Water Conservation and Quality Testing

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Water is one of the most basic necessities for life to spawn and endure. With our planet suffering the consequences of deforestation, climate change, overpopulation and rising pollution levels, conservation efforts and monitoring our water supplies have become more pivotal than ever before. A World Without Water Imagine a water contamination disaster that rendered the Read More

Sample Preparation Testing: Ensuring Compliant Mine Profitability

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Sampling is a crucial task for mining companies for a number of reasons, most importantly of which is ensuring that their operations are compliant with codes and regulations set out to make mining processes transparent.  It requires the use of specific sample preparation equipment, and reports generated from such testing are required in the financial Read More

Areas of Concern for Material Testing

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The performance of a structure is directly related to the quality and mechanical properties of the materials they use, particularly where load-bearing is concerned. This is important for a number of reasons, ranging from safety to building efficiency. These properties can only be determined through rigorous material testing under controlled conditions that allow manufacturers and Read More

Questions About Lab and Chemical Safety

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Which laboratory and chemical training should I take and how frequently? The training that will be required may vary based on which materials you are working with, and all of the courses will require a refresher periodically.   What exactly is a hazardous chemical? A hazardous chemical is defined as “any chemical which is a Read More

Some General Laboratory Safety Rules

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Below are some rules that you will have to adhere to in almost every laboratory and they should be included in most of your safety policies. These rules cover what you should know in case of an emergency. They are proper signage, safety using lab equipment, and basic common-sense rules. Be sure to read all Read More

Which services are offered by Monitoring and Control Laboratories?

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Our company supplies high quality laboratory and scientific equipment, chemicals, allied products to the Industrial, Chemical, Research, Educational, Food and Beverage, Agricultural, Environmental, water, Mining, Materials Testing, Medical and Pharmaceutical industries of South Africa. We pride ourselves in our excellent after sales service, strong product knowledge and dependability. Our three sales branches are in Gauteng, Read More

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