The importance of material testing

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Imagine trying to create a new kind of light bulb only instead of using glass you would like to use plastic. After some time the heat from the light will start to melt away the plastic and with just the right amount of watts running through the bulb it might start a fire. However, the Read More

What are Petrochemicals and What is it Used For

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Petrochemicals, sometimes referred to petroleum distillates can be placed into 2 popular classes, olefins and aromatics. Petrochemicals are used to produce a large number of different products, from facial and other beauty products to large wind turbines, clearly playing a vital role in the economy. A Few Important Petrochemicals   Naphtha, classed under aromatic petrochemicals, Read More

Laboratory Equipment Care Guide

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Cleaning your Equipment Lab equipment must be cleaned thoroughly and regularly to ensure that they contain no contaminants. Calibration and Maintenance Equipment needs to be calibrated regularly as part of routine maintenance in order for it to perform accurately. Failing to do so will result in unreliable data from your tests. Repairs and Refurbishment Lab Read More

Base Safety Tips for the Petrochemical Industry

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Petrolium, while being the lifeblood of modern life, is also a fairly risky substance to produce. It is also quite heavily regulated, which makes it important for those involved in the petrochemical industry to stay on top of refined production techniques. A lot of this has to do with safety during production, the rest is Read More

Laboratory Equipment Care Guide

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Laboratory equipment is sensitive by its very nature, and as such, extreme care needs to be taken care of all of it if it is expected to perform properly and accurately, while lasting you longer. General lab equipment can be expensive, especially if they need constant replacing, which is why these tips on how to Read More

Laboratory Maintenance and Cleaning

Laboratories are environments propelled by meticulousness and accuracy for precise results. In order for experiments to be viable and conclusive, free from unwanted variables such as contamination, regular cleaning and maintenance of both the laboratory itself, as well as the equipment used in it, needs to be a prominent part of laboratory practices. Standard Equipment Read More

Working Safely with Industrial Chemicals

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Working with industrial chemicals can be extremely hazardous, especially when approached with a lack of knowledge and experience. In such environments, even the smallest mishaps can have the direst of consequences, most of which are completely avoidable. Ensuring that your workplace works with these hazards in mind, and is adequately prepared for them, will help Read More

Essential Safety Tips for Any Laboratory

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Laboratories of all types can present some fairly hazardous working environments, which is why there are certain strict rules of protocol that must always be adhered to when working in one. Minor slip-ups, accidents or a loss of care for even a moment can result in some pretty devastating outcomes, which makes adhering to the Read More

It Is More Than Just The Straws

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Lately, many of us and people around the world are being informed about the catastrophic effect of plastic straws on our oceans and ocean life. We are being informed about how long it takes for the straws to decompose and how the oceanic creatures are suffering because they are consuming it. This has created a Read More

Skin Care Products That Actually Work

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It can be quite a challenge to create great and effective cosmetics and skin care products without the proper tools and testing that needs to be done. We also know that these aspects are a highly important part of the overall product creation process. Over the years many beauty and cosmetics brands have built trust Read More

The Importance Of Pharmaceutical Laboratory Safety

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A pharmaceutical laboratory is the place where various medications are being created, tested and monitored. Many of us trust theses medications to help us feel better, stay better and keep us in a healthy condition. These medications can be over the counter medicines such as headache tablets, flu medications and cough syrups, to strong antibiotics, Read More

The Importance Of Ocean Water Monitoring

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It is no secret that our oceans take up a large majority of the earth, but it is also no secret that our oceans are facing large problems if we do not correct many human habits. The ocean and oceanic life faces a grim fate with how the world is treating it. Many scientists and Read More