Long range radio telemetry offers a cost-effective, flexible and practical alternative to hard-wired data logging systems without forfeiting system reliability or security. The use of telemetry does not restrict the type of sensors that can be connected, accuracy of measurements or metering capability. Licence exempt UHF frequencies are used and sensors can be located almost anywhere


Eltek GenII monitoring systems provide data logging and alarm generation for a very wide range of applications. Systems are already installed in museums, laboratories, storage and warehousing facilities, pharmaceutical, production, and domestic premises – just about any environment where accurate and reliable data is essential for monitoring, manufacturing, research or audit purposes.

Now with 250 sensor capability, 125 transmitter capability, 250,000 readings and built in standby battery. Cost effective, even on occasions when using one transmitter and one sensor only, GenII can be expanded to meet any users requirements. Licence exempt UHF frequencies are used and sensors can be located almost anywhere.





























4 or 8 Multi-Purpose Inputs

The Squirrel 450/850 series is a cost effective portable data logger with a maximum of 4 or 8 inputs. In common with its bigger brother, the Squirrel 1000 series data logger, it is equipped with impressive specifications, long battery life and a three year guarantee. Models 451 and 851 have 4 or 8 universal inputs respectively, configurable for voltage, current and temperature for both thermocouple and thermistor sensors. In addition a serial interface is available for special applications, including Vaisala weather sensors WMT52 & WXT520.

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1000 Series Customized Squirrel Datalogger

Eltek 1000 Series Squirrel data loggers provide a flexible combination of channels, ranges, memory sizes and extra options. If there is not already a model which fits a particular application, then Eltek can almost certainly make one.

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Squirrel Dataloggers for Energy Management

These specialist data loggers and accessories are tailored for the electricity energy sector and facilitate the metering and recording of AC voltage, current and temperature using a single comprehensive and accurate instrument.
Squirrel 1010/1010X and 1020/1020X energy series dataloggers and accessories enable quick, easy metering, monitoring and logging of load usage patterns enabling optimisation of power distribution, ultimately leading to improved reliability of power availability and power distribution plant costs.
The Squirrel 651 datalogger is specially designed for use with the Northern Design NDRail350 (1 x 3 phase load) or NDRail310 (3 x single phase load) energy meters.

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Mini Squirrel Dataloggers

The GenII MS Mini Squirrel is a new series of compact stand-alone data loggers.

The first release of the GenII MS Mini Squirrel series is intended for RH, temperature and CO2 applications.

The dataloggers are of rugged construction, battery operated and ideal for short or long term environmental monitoring.

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Eltek’s Darca software is for the download and analysis of gathered data. There are several different versions of the software available, tailored to different use cases.

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