Export Division


MCL and Sub Saharan Africa

Africa is a continent that companies cannot afford to ignore. As this rapidly emerging market grows, so too does MCL’s footprint in the region.


MCL has a dedicated Export Division set up to handle all international trade with developing African Markets. As such, we have already done business with the following countries:

Moncon Exports

Angola Malawi
Botswana Mauritius
Burkina Faso Mozambique
Cameroon Namibia
Cote d’Ivoire Nigeria
Ethopia    Swaziland
Ghana Tanzania
Kenya Uganda
Lesotho Zambia
Madagascar Zimbabwe


Growth acceleration will come from a focused marketing plan and the introduction of the company’s key exclusive product ranges as well as its complimentary product lines into the exporting territories of Sub-Saharan Africa.


Our strategic intent is to appoint general distributors for overall product exposure as well as segment specific distributors ensuring penetration into key sectors.


MCL’s export expansion initiative into Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean Islands will ensure the profitability and long term sustainability of the company.



MCL distributes its full product range to the Sub-Saharan African market.


Export Division : Johannesburg office

011 608 4664


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