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In the highly competitive fuel and lubricant marketplace, refineries and petroleum companies need to increase throughput to capture a higher margin. Phase Technology’s 70X analyzer helps them minimize giveaway and ensure that their product is on spec.The 70X significantly increases lab productivity and improves profitability by providing quick, precise results. Phase Technology users can be confident that their results accurately report to ASTM test values.
Pour Point – Cloud Point – Freeze Point
ASTM D5949 – ASTM D5773 – ASTM D5972
Phase Technology 70X series analyzers meet and comply with ASTM International standards measuring pour, cloud and freeze point: ASTM D5949, ASTM D5773 and ASTM D5972.
The PSA-70X is the world’s only analyzer that performs pour, cloud and freeze point in one unit. And, it’s the only analyzer that has a factual, valid ASTM method for all three methods.
(Warning: some manufacturers claim that their “no flow point” method “correlates” to pour point, but ASTM has not found “no flow point” to be equivalent to pour point methods.)

Features & Benefits

  • Best measured precision of any automatic or manual method
  • Fastest speed of any automatic or manual method: test results in just 8-20 minutes
  • Capable of any user programmable resolution to 0.1°C
  • Wide range of temperatures from -80°C to +50°C
  • Unsurpassed detection of contamination in jet fuels
  • Rapid cooling and quick heating of samples
  • Compact design – easy to move around your lab or fit into areas with little space
  • Full-color, touch-sensitive, 10.4″ high resolution LCD touch screen
  • Test progress and results visible on real time digital and graphical displays
  • Quick set up time, intuitive and easy to understand on-screen prompts
  • Test uses small sample volume
  • Completely self-contained system: no need for external coolant
  • Quiet, energy efficient and environmentally friendly (no toxic coolant vapors)
  • Customizable reporting – test history, plot data and self-diagnostics can be displayed on-screen, printed, or transferred to computer for statistical analysis, presentations, email sharing, archival storage
  • Diesel fuel
  • Jet fuel
  • Finished lubricants
  • Base oil
  • Bright stock
  • Distillate fuel
  • Gas oil
  • Biofuel and biodiesels
  • Black oil
  • Crude oil
  • Engine coolant (antifreeze)
  • PAO and synthetic lubricants
  • Automatic transmission fluids
  • Engine & gear oils
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