Technical support and after sale service are key to the success of Monitoring and Control La-boratories in the scientific market and is available for the full product range.

With more than 25 years of experience in supplying the highest quality scientific equipment, con-sumables and chemical substances, Monitoring and Control Laboratories has been ensuring that industries have been able to maintain the quality control that they need to provide safe products to the market.

Clinical & Pathology


Monitoring & Control Laboratories (MCL) is your one stop shop for chemicals, consumables, equipment and services with most of the key products available that you would expect to find in a clinical laboratory environment.


MCL always bears in mind the importance of quality and safety, right from the point of specimen collection, storage and transport through to the testing of the specimen, which ensures accurate, timely and maybe even lifesaving results that can be relied upon.



MCL suppliesĀ the following brands for the clinical and pathology sector:

VWR complete product range,

BDH chemicals,

GRANT water baths, life science products and telemetry systems

BINDER freezers, climatic chambers, incubators and ovens,

YSI Lifescience,

Dueperthal storage cabinets.

Sole Agencies

Monitoring and Control Laboratories