Technical support and after sale service are key to the success of Monitoring and Control La-boratories in the scientific market and is available for the full product range.

With more than 25 years of experience in supplying the highest quality scientific equipment, con-sumables and chemical substances, Monitoring and Control Laboratories has been ensuring that industries have been able to maintain the quality control that they need to provide safe products to the market.

Service & Calibration

service department


Monitoring & Control Laboratories offers a range of after sales services that include installation and commissioning, repairs, servicing and preventative maintenance of the equipment we supply. We provide both in-house & onsite repairs, servicing & calibration services, and our strategic positioning in Linbro Park allows us to offer quick service call-outs to our customers in Vereeniging, Sasolburg, Secunda in addition to the Greater Johannesburg Area as well as extending beyond our borders to the outlying countries like Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, etc.


Our qualified Service Technicians have undergone intensive training both in house and by our key overseas principals to support our full product range, and we provide free technical advice to assist you in optimizing our equipment to best suit your needs, as well as to maintain and operate your unit to ensure it lasts the distance.


With each unit, we strip, adjust, repair, service or fine-tune unit to restore it to manufacturer standards/specifications, as well as clean & polish unit such that unit not only works well but looks good too, giving you value for money service and allowing you to get the most out of your investment.


calibration laboratory


For measurement data to be reliable, measurements must be accurate & precise.

Unless the measurement data is reliable, decisions based on such data cannot be reliable and consequently, this can affect the output quality from a Company.


Calibration fulfils two objectives:

• It determines accuracy & reliability of the measuring unit and therefore of the measured data

• It provides traceability to the measurement.


Monitoring & Control Laboratories has been providing professional calibration services for the past 7 years in the temperature and viscosity measurement field. Our SANAS Accredited (ISO/IEC 17025 compliant) Labs offer a completely hassle free program for the calibration, repair, corrective and preventative maintenance that determines the accuracy and reliability of your temperature and viscosity measuring units. We have fully equipped facilities and friendly, dedicated staff who are ready to assist you immediately with your requests.


We service the Industrial, Petrochemical, Research, Educational, Agricultural, Environmental, Mining, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Materials Testing industries, among others and fit our service to best suit the needs of the unit under test, as well as our customer requirements and budget.


Each calibration is performed specific to customer requirements and the SANAS calibration certificate issued provides, in addition to local recognition that Monitoring and Control Laboratories has met and continues to meet the requirements of ISO 17025 as proven through independent third party assessment by SANAS, but also international recognition of calibrations performed in South Africa. This is of particular importance if a client has overseas principals and needs to comply with international standards.


what you need to know


Pricing: We offer upfront pricing and our labour rates are highly competitive and fixed to meet our customer budgets.


Flexibility: Our turnaround period is kept to a week or less, with communications channels kept open to advise you of unforeseen delays. We also provide 1-2 day turnarounds for those productions that go on standby without the unit, without charging extra for these emergency services.


Re-servicing & Calibration: Once serviced or calibrated, we cannot make the mistake of assuming that the unit would continue to give accurate and reliable results indefinitely. Therefore re-servicing or re-calibration of the unit is necessary to ensure it is always within its desired specifications. Our Service Department also provides assistance in setting up a program for the re-servicing or calibration of your unit that will look at costs vs. manufacturer recommendations for the re-service interval.


Contact: Monitoring & Control Laboratories has fully equipped & staffed Service Centers in Johannesburg and Kwa-Zulu Natal.   For further information, please contact:


Monitoring & Control Laboratories: Johannesburg

Address: 10 Village Crescent

Linbro Business Park

Linbro Park


Tel: 011 608-4664

Fax: 011 608-4741




Monitoring & Control Laboratories: Kwa Zulu Natal

Address: 11 Norge Industrial Park

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Tel: 031 914 2912

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